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History and activity of the Law Firm “FOX” commenced in 2003. However, it should be mentioned, that our experience has earlier origins, and is based on a background of our leaders, who were standing at the origins of the legal business in the 90’s of the previous century.

Professionalism, eternal anxiety for new knowledge, devotion to partners and extremely high level of responsibility are fundamental for the development of the firm.

In this regard, team members of the firm increase on a permanent basis their level of knowledge simultaneously in several scientific fields. The majority of the experts of the firm have a master degree at least in two scientific fields. The experts of the firm pursued higher education not only in the field of law science, but also in such fields as management, philology, literature, legal translation, mining engineering, automated management systems, customs law, international law and history.

The experts of our firm consistently participate in scientific activities in the sphere of law and in other areas of knowledge.

The firm is governed by the Four Partners Board (the Board comprises two legal partners and two investment partners).

The Law Firm “FOX” has accumulated a good deal of successful negotiation and trial cases the quantity of which exceeds several thousands. Dedication to clients and partners is the key to a successful outcome. We never leave our clients on a half way and always bring the case to a successful conclusion despite of all difficulties, which we may face.

By virtue of requirements of a present legal practice, the Law Firm “FOX” develops its activity by applying the intellectual know-hows as well as high quality knowledge of Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, and engages specialists in German and Chinese languages. As the result we have gained significant experience and all necessary skills for providing support of services in the foregoing languages.

Our Firm is about to give all the experience and knowledge to protect your interests to the greatest possible extend.

There are no stereotypes and dogmata for us, there are only perseverance, dedication to the client, professionalism and confidence in victory!