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How could it happen?
A men, beast and warrior, where is he?
Where have his courage, honor and valor gone?
And you can talk long and whimper about "where the men disappeared", but is it worth?
Have they somewhere gone?
No, no, there is no need to invent excuses, the men have not gone away, they have existed and they still exist, they just have changed in favor of new desires of women.
Yes, yes, it has happen in favor of women, not because of time and natural disasters (like we, men, would be pleased to hear).
Only men thought that the form of our society is patriarchal.
What a shame, what a delusion!
The Patriarchate has never existed on this planet, the women have always ruled the world, and the Matriarchy is indigenously human form of society.
The women ruled the world even in those ancient times and the men were ready to do anything to get a woman.
The passion for a woman was insane and all-consuming. It led to terrible struggles and murders, to falls of cities and states, and even to destruction of entire peoples.
To win a woman in those days, a man had to defeat a rival, and show at the same time the honor and dignity, because the victory was supposed to be open, and the woman had to contemplate this victory in all its majesty and splendor.
To get accessories for a woman, a man had to conquer foreign lands and to subordinate other people's tribes.
To get the skin of the beast he had to conquer it.
All of the above “have to” demanded from the men a lot of qualities.
That is why the courage, valor, bravery and at the same time generosity and nobleness were appreciated in that society.
However, the times have changed.
In order to get the skins and accessories man should no longer show the power, courage and bravery. On the contrary, it is now strictly prohibited. Law punishes for it now, law replaces strength and courage, and helps to protect physically weak, such as women or cowardly men. As a consequence, the man became heal and weak, he can not protect his woman, he only pays for himself he is a mere shadow, female shadow, without any expressed sexual characteristics.
In turn, the other ways to sweetheart the women were offered to the men.
The women thought up "money", the universal mechanism of trade, using which, it is possible to buy everything, including skins and jewelry.
And to get this "money" it isn't necessary to show courage, force, and bravery and to battle, especially in the open.
Nowadays absolutely other qualities are necessary, such as cunning, resourcefulness, meanness, and also ability to deceive and be humiliated. The side effect of all this universal set is also greed which is so unpleasant to women, but there's nothing to do, this set of qualities cannot be delivered separately.
These are qualities which are going to be eulogized and cultivated by society. These are the qualities the women began to pay attention to.
With these qualities, you will certainly have success with women because nowadays the women associate such qualities with wealth and luxury.
So, my dear, the man is still here, he just became another, in favor of new requirements of the women. If you are the ladies' man or the henpecked than here the carte blanche for you to hit with women.
With that, it is not necessary to deride henpecked man, he is just an animal who was domesticated a long ago, other men were caught and tamed, except for a small number of wild ones.
You should also pay attention to the fact that the woman does not reflect the man, but on the contrary. The tamed or cultivated man is always the exact copy of the woman, only in the hypertrophied form.
The greedy, mean and quirky women let come near and on the top of the power the same greedy, coward and unprincipled men.
The men who find the courage, valor, bravery, honor and nobleness the main male characteristics are wild and the extreme exception, failed experiment and the disease of this society. As undesirable and annoying atavism, they make it impossible for the rest to live in a quiet rotten swamp.
And calls to the manifestation of courage, valor and honor are only a consequence of the habits of society, which by inertia continue to chant these worthless qualities or are the result of conventional female nostalgia.
Nowadays, the women feel nostalgia for the old days, when the strong and courageous men crushed for them the entire cities and fervently embraced them in a passionate kiss, but these men cannot be returned, they have fallen victim to women's weaknesses and passions.
Only some of the men, the number of whose is not so big, that it is not necessary to dwell on this too much attention, have respect for the women without losing any honor or dignity.
But in general, nowadays the men cannot change themselves, they have too much passion for the women, so only the woman can change the man for the better.
All hope for you, my dear women. If you become nobler, the men will follow you.

Author: Leading partner of the Law Firm "FOX" Vladimir Marinich