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Values of consumer culture

Life in the modern metropolis evolved into a rat race. We chase after money, power, status, and God knows for what else. I think that a lot of people are not even aware of where and for what they are actually running. Maybe that's why a modern city dweller is so scared to stop for a moment and stand alone with himself without social networking, television, trivial communications with petty friends. And that’s why he is so scared because in this case it is necessary to think about the purpose of life.
It has been said a lot about it. But it is sickening how in a post-socialist reality materialism and philistinism have gained so horrendous proportions in the capital city of Ukraine. Poets with a rich inner world are not interesting for anybody. “Beau monde” looks tinsel, without any allusion of nobleness and honor. And now it’s a big luck to be some insolence and arrogant man. There is the only question in the skeptical townsfolk look: "If you're so smart, why are you so poor?".

Money has become such a universal measure itself. Really if you think from an economic point of view - for that very reason it was invented. But it’s so scary that we have begun to measure with money things which cannot be measured at all. For example, Love. Intellect. Happiness.

The mass culture of consumption society is gradually destroying all exalted values. And the meaning of consumption is no longer in survival. We eat a lot more than our body requires, we buy so many clothes that you can get a population of a small town dressed and buy up the tank of miraculous mixtures such as foundation, anti-aging serum and others. And it would right if our inclination to consume was a question of aesthetics. But in this way we are buying a right to look down upon those less fortunate than we are.

We run through life trying to catch some doubtful raptures and then die without knowing what’ve we lived for.

And please, don’t get me wrong. I'm not saying that we should reject all material welfare for some extremely vague idea such as "peace around the world" or something like this. It is pretty good to understandable that you will not live in a pithos like Diogenes, while sometimes there is 5 degrees below zero outside in our latitudes even in the middle of March. But it’s so miserable destination for a man to devote his life to money-making only, I think.

On the other hand, I am terribly revolt at a situation when lazy and stupid people hide their insignificance behind pretending of being selflessly. And whether it is not enough they sadly argue that money is dirty especially if it is somebody else’s money; and they also proclaim the ideas about equality and stand for the idea that all wealthy people are absolute evil. At the same time even the thought of lifting the back from a sofa and making an attempt to change this world to the best comes to nobody mind.

Anyway, perhaps I’m trying to talk about noble-mindedness. I think we should realize that many things cannot be measured by money. There are a lot of absolutely free things but such things are the most expensive for us.

It’s time for us to stop for a moment and realize where the way we have chosen leads. To understand where we are running and for what exactly we are doing this. And it’s should be quite good to look around and get sight of those people whom we knock down on our expressway journey through the life.

We should at least grasp that staff is only stuff. Things can never fill up emptiness in a heart and bring a true happiness. And maybe we need to stop surviving and just begin to live. And we really need to accept the world as it is. And you definitely don’t chuck your life away if you made someone other’s life better.

«І в житті, як на полі мінному,

я просила в цьому сторіччі

хоч би той магазинний мінімум:

— Люди, будьте взаємно ввічливі! —

і якби на те моя воля,

написала б я скрізь курсивами:

— Так багато на світі горя,

люди, будьте взаємно красивими!»

(Ліна Костенко) 

Author: Executive assistant to Managing Director of the Law Firm "FOX" Uliana Osovskaya