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Myth about heroes

Where have the heroes disappeared? – People ask - whether they are still on the face of the earth?

And I will answer, that they are still here, and they always be here. When all heroes disappear, when the last hero dies - this world will fall, fall in a moment that the people cannot even notice. And the light will not illumine humanity left without heroes.

Why don’t we see them? – People ask –It’s so because they are in minority, - I answer, because you do not want to see them, because they disturb you.

There are no heroes in your associations and unions, in the nations and nationalities, they don’t exist in material world and spiritual world- they only exist in deeds and actions.

Why don’t we see their deeds and actions? – People ask - because their deeds save your life - I answer again - but such things are less valued by you. Moreover, you try to forget about such deeds in the shortest time and destroy any memories of such heroics, while you don’t want to see your insignificance in such actions.

Why are there so few heroes? People ask – It is so - I say - because what makes you stronger (greed, envy, cowardice) - kills them, and what makes them stronger (honor, dignity, nobility) - kills you.

And who is to blame for this situation and death of heroes? - People ask again and then I shall stop because of pain in my chest and tears in my eyes, because this conversation was a meaningless, and I'd rather stay in the privacy of mine own mind.

What does make a person a hero? How to explain it to you - in fact I'm talking about honor, and you are talking about ambition, I am talking about dignity, and you are talking about property and pride, I'm talking about nobility - and you're talking about noble origin. Am I am not able to explain you those things that you don’t want to understand.

Here you are asking why there are not enough heroes, and I could tell you that everyone is born a hero and deserves heroic deeds.

But the ancient and powerful enemies are waiting for a hero from the birth and leading a war with him from birth to immortality.

And the first enemy is selfishness of the hero’s parents. After all, parents don’t need a hero - they need a support in their old age, and an object of pride in their youth. After all, parents don’t want to see their child happy - they just want everyone around to observe their happiness. They want to be proud of their child in front of other parents. And any child's heroic act is condemned and suppressed, while no one wants to lose the pride of the child and to find shame. After all, parents could not be pleased with the happiness of the child, when they have lost their pride of their child and when they are surrounded by the other parent’s contempt, who have also lost happiness of their own child.

And if the hero survived the war, or avoided it due to misery, here the next enemy would waiting for him – the education. After all, education on the one hand is very complicated, and on the other hand it is so easily passable, ergo there are no reasons to pay attention to it at all. And for whom it is important that the hero is only the hero when he is going up, and when he stops even for a moment, and that's all – he has died a heroic death in a complicated battle with laziness, dogma and corruption. The last one is particularly good in education - it is a real killer of heroes. The pretty cheap murderer who kills strength and knowledge of the hero and for starvation pay and lets the hero go down to status of an ordinary man.

And now the hero defeated the corruption, he is full of strength and knowledge and we think that our hero is in safe but it’s not so because alcohol and drugs have been waiting for him for a long time. They are the great enemies because of their strength. And to beat them is not so easy, because they are numerous, they are everywhere, openly and secretly they come to grips with the hero at every turn. They flow into trust as cheap beer, they sympathize with the difficulties of the hero, diluting it as heavy vodka, and quickly make the hero a docile cow. After all, the shepherd does not sleep, he always stands out about his flock.

Nationalism is the next hero’s enemy. After all, there is no hero in the nationality, and never has been because all nations for him belong to one nation - the human and he doesn’t distinguish the other nations. Separate nation, uttered out loud, is just the tyrant’s words about his flock, as shepherds say about their cows because of their animal origin. Someone else's blood doesn’t exist for the hero, and has never existed because all the blood has a common origin. Only the culture, the traditions and the land on which he was born exist for the hero.

Any talks about nations and nationalities lead to war and the death of heroes, because in the war heroes die the first, meanwhile cowardice, greed and moral deformity remain alive and reign, grow stronger from the collision of the heroes, become more powerful and continue setting new traps for new heroes.

Every time when the heroes become numerous, cowardice and greed instigate the new war for the sake of the heroes death, which took place on the planet so frequently that the heroes disappeared a long time ago. But our planet is merciful and gives birth to new heroes that is still amazing - enjoy it till greed and envy have not destroyed it.

Bah, our hero has grown up and has passed through all the obstacles of childhood. - Praise the hero! - woman is shouting rapturously the first. I've been waiting for you so long! You have missed me too, haven’t you? And it’s difficult for him to understand, who have called him, whether it has been the nature or the woman, but he humbly replied that he’d missed her so much. We will be happy - she says, and he agrees, because he wants so desperately happiness for all. And how the hero can understand that the woman’s happiness is in stability, but not in his heroism. What is stability for a woman? – It is absences of problems at all costs and immeasurable wealth that has no end in sight. Benefits that cannot be counted, that will defend her life and will rise above the other women, advisably above the closest ones. Can it be compared with his heroism? Isn’t heroism now to make a woman happy? After all, if it’s wrong to be only her hero and belong only to her. Slavery is prohibited only by nationality, and continues to be cultivated by sex. You're mine, I won you, you belong only to me - hero screams. Yes, of course, my dear, - affectionately hugging, the woman whispers, and gently puts the shackles on the hero’s hands.

The hero will never be able bypass this enemy. This enemy is clever, cunning, skilled, has an incredible thirst for power and is able to control the nature of the hero, and so strong in her weakness, that the hero is ready to give his life to protect her.

Could we find a woman, who is able to contribute her own happiness and become the woman of the true hero and do not destroy him, but to become a part of him?

Praise the heroes! – Women continue screaming.

Praise the women, who have become the part of the heroes! - The heroes cry before the death, falling down dead in the sweet embrace of women. Truly glory to such women! - I exclaim, while I am still alive.

Heroes do not live long - only from the birth to immortality, and their enemies are ancient and powerful as the world itself, their death is everywhere, and every death for them is a new round of life and power. And if it scares you, you will have no need to pretend being a hero, but rather stand in the queue of those, who want to kill him.

Author: Leading partner of the Law Firm "FOX" Vladimir Marinich