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Time of Servants

And here it is again, this terrible time, the Time of Servants.

The time when people are depreciated and owners are eulogized. The time when the value of paper and inks exceeds the value of the written word, when the only questions are the following: who and to whom serves, who is the slave and whose slave is somebody? And depending on the answer, the status is formed and the benefits are distributed.

And it has been running on for thousands of years. For thousands of years the slaves have been serving to kings, churches, misters, money and other mighty of this world, and at the same time they hate and envy them. And the more slaves hate slaveholders, the more they want to take their place. Like the cancer cells the human’s odium generates new, stronger passion to the power. There are only crowds of people around, who condemn the power, but how they want to get there! And nobody wants to recover.

The caste of slaves is born and dies this way.

For thousands of years the handful of people has been fighting for their release. This is the Sisyphus’ work. Thousands of years of history of the fight for freedom have only strengthened slavery, having turned it from the physical form in economic one that is even worse as the last is even impossible to strangle.

So were they really mistaken?! Was their death for freedom really senseless?! Is it possible that human is born to be only the slave or the servant?!

After all even God doesn't demand servicing and servility, as all our service to God will be only at our desire and only in heaven. And it is impossible to get obligatory on this service, it is necessary to be worthy of it!

God gave life and freedom to people. At that God even doesn’t constrain us to believe in him, he gave us the right to choose, and this is the highest form of freedom! After all the Free person is free from the birth. Any coercion comes only from the human.

Does the human want to be free? Does the human want to choose his destiny? Does he like a cow prefer everything to be solved by his lord with the right to be given the access to a feeding trough?

There was the time when, mentioning about work, people spoke about "with whom they work". Now people speak about "for whom they work", or at best, "where they work". And pronouncing these cherished words, people expect as their status of the slave will rise to heaven. And not to get the status of the slave compromised, the lord is praised with adorning his abilities and diminishing shortcomings.

It is so slavish psychology, isn`t it?

It is terrible to be the slave, - but it is more awful to be proud of this status.

And the more pride, the higher status and ranks of the slave, then the more he hates the lord, dreaming to take his place. Having slaves, and being the slave of others is a vicious circle. These are the slaves and what else do we wait from them?!

The high rank slave always knows to whom he serves. The ordinary person has no such fundamental knowledge, – nothing to do but paddle own canoe. He is nearest to freedom. The ordinary person can be a waiter and thus to be free, and the slave can be the president or the king, but remain the slave for the rest of life. Everything depends on the person –he is proud of what he is doing or for whom he works, whom serves and whom pleases (and don't think that the president shouldn't please –he pleases the most).

Freedom! What we, free people, breathe in, - is terrible for slaves, and it is terrible for modern society which generates and produces slaves. Now matter how free air is keeling for slaves, it is impossible to get rid of them. They are like immortals of the Persian tsar – when killing one slave he is immediately replaced by another. After all the number of those wishing to become slaves is huge. And it is almost impossible for an ordinary person to get rid of such a defect while he adores servants. He enjoins being served and surrounded by flattery and servility.

After all as it is difficult to be strong among strong, – it is much simpler to be the main thing among slaves!

It is astonishing as we allowed slaves to influence our life – life of free people.

So really is it impossible to release these slaves? - you ask. The question is raised incorrectly! – Whether is it necessary to do it?!

After all slaves can't be released – it is only possible to teach them to be free. But slaves, in the majority, forgot to study. They went out of their way to resist knowledge at schools and universities, dissolving their thinking in musical acid and naked songs and the ability to study degraded to a condition of a dead man.

It is a pity, after all not a lot to be done for the slaves to become free.

The only thing is to stop hating, being envy and poisoning. After all, the free person does not verbiage condemnation, he expresses the opinion and acts. He makes his best to be free from the power of slaves – to become free from servants.

After all it is so pleasant to get rid of the power of slaves. No, no, they don't have to be killed, - there is too much of them, and for them it is only an occasion to destroy the free person. It is simply necessary to stop noticing them and being afraid of a clicking of whips and do not follow a flavor of gingerbreads. The power adores being hated, - but it is terribly afraid of being not noticed or being forgotten.

And if you master the first steps, it remains a little – to learn to breathe freedom, to feel it with every fiber of your being, to guard and protect it all over the world which is much more wider than your apartment.

And on the path of trials, you should always remember no matter how this world seems to be diverse and many-sided, all its essence is divided into the light and dark sides. Once, everyone will have to make the choice, – the choice of the side. And at this very moment nobody will help, - neither church, nor the tsar, the president. It is an independent choice. This choice will pursue you all your life. And once, this choice will have to be confirmed in great battle in Abraham bosom.

I have made my choice. And what about you? Maybe we will meet in Abraham bosom on opposite sides of the barricades. Who knows…

Author: Leading partner of the Law Firm "FOX" Vladimir Marinich