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03/21/2010 Law Firm «FOX» took foxes of Yalta Zoo on patronage

How long ago did a man leave the nature and begin living in the asphalt jungle?! Considering universal time it happened just yesterday. However, how quickly the man began to lose his connection with the nature and forgot those who surrounded him for thousands of years. The man, forgetting about the surroundings, has begun expansion against the surrounding animal world in the name of one’s technical welfare. During such an expansion the man has no idea about a colossal damage he causes to the nature. As a result of such human’s actions, animals lost the opportunity to exist peacefully and remained on the verge of survival. They began to experience hunger, cold, human indifference and cruelty. New and unknown diseases began to lie in wait for them and the loss of loved ones has led to loneliness.

A few people, who realize an importance of connection with nature and who are truly sensitive in perception of the animal world, have begun to create zoos so that people would remember and fall in love with those around them, who allowed the man to survive and occupy a dominant position on the Earth.

The Yalta Zoo is one created with love and sense of beauty.

The Law Firm «FOX», aware of the complexity of organizing of such an event, and wishing to support the management of the zoo, and with the aim to provide all possible assistance in organizing of the life of animals, took foxes of Yalta Zoo on patronage. We built a new, large and high enclosure for animals to match our words with actions. This increased the area of their residence more than in five times. As well we equipped the internal space, providing the foxes with everything necessary. Moreover, wherever it is required, we try to support financially the existence of foxes in the zoo in everyday life. We hope, that our example will give a rise for you to take part in lives of our smaller brothers, which live both in the wild and in the zoo.

Fox Elizabeth – the favorite of Marinich Vladimir - the General Partner of the Law Firm «FOX» - the head of the Kiev branch


One of the cubs born by fox Elizabeth in captivity.


A little silverfox, which was presented to the Zoo, came to visit Elizabeth’s son.


Familiarity with rookie. Only through a bribe!!!


Fox Elizabeth celebrates New Year 2010!

Новый год