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Feedback on the work of the Law Firm from the private entrepreneur Yuriy Biloshytsky
More than two years ago I took a lorry, Kamaz, on lease from the company "Euro Leasing" in order to use it in business. Despite the fact that I consciously fulfilled all obligations, the company "Euro Leasing" refused to sign the contract about property right transfers, and, on the contrary, demanded to return the lorry and counted a penalty for its non-return that was supported by illegal decision of the courts of the first instance and appeal instance. However, at the Supreme economic court, by the aid of the qualified legal protection of my interests performed by the Law Firm “FOX”, I managed to cancel the illegal decisions and protect my interests. Whereas, in the other lawsuit, lawyers of the Law Firm “FOX” obliged the company “Euro Leasing” to sign the contract on my conditions. The team of the Law Firm “FOX” are not afraid to undertake difficult affairs and always finish them. I would also like to note their indomitable will to win and devotion. Best regards, Biloshitskiy Y.V.
Yuriy Biloshytsky
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