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Gratitude of Rusetsky family (called upon the assistance of the Law Firm of their choice to adopt the child)

Hello, Vladimir and your well-chosen team! It is almost three years since we have met. During this time we met a lot of lawyers in Israel and the USA. Now we want to tell the truth, without flattery and lies, as it makes no sense (we have already finished our case), we have never regretted that turned to the “Fox” company. You have fulfilled all the promises with minimal moral losses for us. You are the only one among lawyers with whom we have encountered in all countries, in whose eyes was humanity, but not money.

Your knowledge, patience, conscience helped us in the most difficult and hopeless moments. If we were asked to define in a few words the work of the company, we would say the following: professionalism, humanity, conscientiousness and, the most important, decency and honesty.

Vladimir, we are grateful to the occasion that brought us together.

Special thanks to your young professionals for tact and kindness, for the ability to feel the mood of the client.


Marina, Daniel, Levushka. 

Rusetsky family
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