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A legal play on human weaknesses
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Vladymyr Marinich

The management team of the law firm "Fox” considers it necessary to draw your attention to the fact that this article is not an advertising action due to the fact that we also make mistakes mentioned in this article and despite our huge experience, we are not perfect, we just try to be so, and we hope that we are on the right track.

This article is just a response to human tragedies that have taken place as a result of dishonesty and inadequate skills of lawyers and advocates.

In our opinion, lawyers are like doctors, with the exception that they treat our status in society or our financial situation, and sometimes they treat our reputation or revitalize our business.

Comparing with doctors, the effectiveness of solutions of issues by lawyers always depends on skills and integrity of a lawyer.

Both qualified and honest lawyer is a very rare phenomenon. It is very difficult to choose the defenders of your rights in the absence of the mentioned combination of qualities.

In this case, the method of the King of Lilliput does not always work (from 'Gulliver's Travels' by Jonathan Swift), which is that a decent but less qualified minister when does not reach the best result but causes less harm to the kingdom.

Nowadays, the legal profession is associated with a lot of stereotypes. From the cynical and skeptical “all lawyers are immoral and unconscionable” to categorically and desperate” Think up anything, you're a lawyer!”

And all too often, the only trouble is that people are turning to lawyers, as well as to the doctors when the situation has become too complicated, and a lot of money, efforts and nerves have been spent on its solution.

There are no hopeless situations, but making a miracle takes time and efforts.

Having been working in the sphere of law for many years, we may admit that the existing negative attitude of people to lawyers is far too often justified and caused by dishonesty of most lawyers.

Indeed, it is very difficult for the ordinary person to sort out the situation in this swamp of legal services. Neither the Internet, nor press will help to solve the problem. In the case of addressing the Internet, negative comments generally reflect the war of competitors, while positive comments in press are in most cases paid-for. And it is very difficult to know the difference between truths and lies.

Perhaps the best way to choose a lawyer is an old method of obtaining information from friends.

However, this method does not also provide a guaranteed result. The lawyers, who have helped your friend, may not have sufficient qualification to help you.

This method may be only applied along with the study of the results of a legal practice of the lawyer (court decisions, obtained permits, etc.) and gratitude from the other actually existing independent people that is confirmed by documents.

Thus, you may increase the chance of obtaining a high-quality legal service and truthful information.

Statistics shows that more than 90 percent of lawyers are lying to clients in order to entice them and increase the cost of services. Most often, such lawyers are speculating with greed and fear, because any legal problem for an ordinary person becomes a huge stress. One who is driven to despair is ready to pay any price to anyone who confidently says that "everything will be as you wish”. It is a basic human mistake when addressing lawyers, because, as Julius Caesar once noticed: “Men are nearly always willing to believe what they wish”.

However, for over the years of legal practice, we have not encountered a single case when all is happening in the way one wants. While being panic no one is able to assess the situation and see where the professional advice ends and where an empty promise begins.

In connection with the said above, we consider it necessary to give you a few tips that may help you when consulting a lawyer.

The promise of a 100 percent guarantee of a positive result. None qualified and honest lawyer may guarantee positive results.

We are not gods - we are ordinary people. Even unlimited funds and lots of corrupt ties may not guarantee you a 100% success. It may only increase the probability of a positive result.

Only God knows what will actually happen, but we do not know it.

In turn, the lawyer may guarantee only the fact that the work will be qualitatively performed, unless such a guarantee is not also a hoax.

There are plenty of objective and subjective factors in life, which may not be governed by you or any lawyer.

In connection with this, only a crook or an unprofessional lawyer may guarantee something.


Providing you with the only one solution of the issue. There is nothing definite in life. There are many options for solution of any problem. You may choose the one that seems to be the most advantageous for you.

The number of possible solutions directly dependents on qualification of a lawyer.

Thus, a lawyer, who offers you only one solution and furthermore declares that it is the only one correct decision, is a nonprofessional or has copied this decision from other lawyers, or has ceased his professional growth and his dogmatism starts negatively affect the result of your case.


Bribe. There is also no point in applying to the lawyer, who agitates to hand out bribes. Such a strategy is often used by illiterate people, who are aware of the fact that their level of professionalism does not allow to solve problems in a different way. In most cases, a bribe or a large part of it will settle in the pockets of the lawyers and you may lose money without achieving the result.


Low price. There is no lawyer who is able to define at once the price of the services without knowing all circumstances.

Each situation has certain features.

That is why, it is nearly impossible to determine, how much time will be spent, and therefore the price of the work, without understanding all nuances of the case.

In most cases low price is evidence of a low-skilled lawyer or of the fact that the remaining part of money will be lured from you during the process of performing the services and you will be unable to refuse because you will be not ready to lose money that you have already invested in solving your problem.

First of all, you should remember that there is no a single magic bullet recipe both in medicine and in law. Most of all, a lawyer, who promises you "mountains of gold" in an extremely short period just frankly deceives.

Secondarily, you need to understand that expenditures on services of lawyers aimed at resolving a conflict are much higher than the cost of their prevention.

It does not mean that you are doing well just because the problem has not appeared yet. Such a problem may occur in the nearest future, unless there is no expert legal advice regarding your legal relationships.

In the jurisprudence the idea of the prediction of possible problems is especially relevant one.

Such measures to reduce the risks and to ensure an effective development of events in the future, as audits or skilled drafting of contracts or preliminary legal consultation concerning future legal relationships, if not allow to avoid conflicts, at least will give you a chance to protect yourself with minimal losses.

As an ancient Latin proverb says: "If you want peace, prepare for war".


Managing Partner of the Law Firm "FOX" Vladimir Marinich