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Law of Ukraine «On Consumer Rights Protection» dated May 12, 1991 No 1023–XII, Article 15. The consumer right to information on product, Parts 1, 2, 3 and 9

  1. The consumer has the right to obtain necessary, accessible, reliable and timely information on the products, which provides a possibility for consciously and competently choosing of goods. The information shall be provided to the consumer before he/she purchases goods or orders a work (service). The information on product shall not be regarded as an advertisement.

The products information shall contain:

1) the goods name, the name or reproduction of the mark of goods and services under which they are realized;

3) the information on main affinities of goods, the nominal quantity (mass, volume etc.), the conditions of use;

4) the content of harmful substances, which list is established by the regulations and caution with regards to use of particular products, if the regulatory acts determine such warning;

5) the mark of the presence or absence in the composition of food of genetically modified organisms;

6) the information on the price (tariff), terms and conditions of purchase of goods;

6¹) the manufacturer (seller) in case of detecting unreliable information on the products (if it does not harm the life, health or property of the consumer) within a week removes such products from sale and bring the information into compliance;

7) the date of manufacture of products;

8) the information on storage conditions;

9) the warranty obligations of the producer;

10) the rules and conditions of effective and safe use of the goods;

11) shelf life (service life) of goods (results of the provided service), information on necessary actions after the end of the consumption and the possible consequences in case of default of such actions;

12) the name and address of the manufacturer (service provider, seller) and the company, which carries out its functions of accepting of claims from consumers and repairs or provides the maintenance of goods.

The information on the services connected with the concert, touring, competition and festival activities shall contain data on the use or non-use by performers of music phonograms of their own vocal, instrumental, vocal and instrumental performance of musical composition with musical accompaniment or without it or phonograms of musical accompaniment to their own vocal, instrumental, vocal and instrumental performance of a musical composition.

Concerning products which are the subject of a mandatory certification in the government system of certification, the consumer shall be provided with information on the certification of such goods.

In relation to the products, which under certain conditions may be dangerous for life, health and property of the consumer or for the natural environment, the producer (the service provider, the seller) is obliged to provide the consumer with information about such products and possible consequences of consumption (use) of such products.

The regulatory and legal acts, including technical regulations, may establish additional requirements to the content of information on the products.

The information shall be provided to the consumer in accordance with the legislation on languages.

  1. The information envisaged by the Part 1 of this Article shall be provided to the attention of consumers by the producer (service provider, seller) in the supporting documentation that applies with the products on the label, as well as in the marking or provided by another way (available in visual form) and acceptable for certain types of goods or in certain areas of service.

The information on products may be posted at the places where such products are being sold as well through the telecommunications facilities upon the consumer`s consent.

  1. The manufacturer (service provider) who sells products shall indicate the price of every unit of such products or of one products category and the price of one standard unit of such products.

The inscriptions concerning the product selling price shall be clear and easy for understanding.

The products price shall include all taxes and nontax payments, which in accordance with the legislation shall be paid by the consumer while purchasing the relevant products.

The starting price of the relevant item of goods shall be reported to the consumers when conducting  auctions.

The price of goods shall be indicated per one package of such goods, whereas the goods are provided without package – per unit of measurement, which is usually applied to such goods.

If several goods, works or services or combination of such objects are offered at one price or if the seller (service provider) gives the consumer, while selling one product, the right to obtain another product at a reduced price, the consumer shall be provided with the information concerning:

  1. the content and cost of the offer and, in the case when goods, works or services are offered at one price, - the prices of such goods, works or services which shall be taken separately;
  2. the conditions of the offer submission, particularly the period of its validity and any other limits including amount restrictions.

The provisions of this Part shall also be applied to the food products.


  1. When considering the consumer’s demands on indemnification caused by unfair or incomplete information on the products or by unfair advertising, it shall be noticed that the consumer has no special knowledge about attributes and characteristics of the products that he/she purchases.