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Law of Ukraine «On Consumer Rights Protection» dated May 12, 1991 No 1023-XII Article 4. Consumer rights and obligations

  1. The consumers while buying, ordering or using products which are disposed on the territory of Ukraine to satisfy their personal needs, have the right to:
    1. protection of their rights by the state;
    2. proper quality of products and services;
    3. product safety;
    4. necessary, accessible, reliable and timely information on the product, its quantity, quality, range and on its manufacturer (service provider, seller);
    5. compensation of a property and moral damage caused by ensuing of disadvantages of products (a defect in the product), in accordance with the law;
    6. appeal to the court and other authorized state authorities for the protection of the violated rights;
    7. join together in community organizations of consumers (consumers associations).
  2. The consumers also have other rights established by the legislation on the consumer rights protection.
  3. The consumers are obligated:
    1. prior to the operating of the goods precisely formalize oneself with the rules of operating which are set out in the product documentation provided by the manufacturer (seller, service provider);
    2. when necessary to get explanation of the conditions and rules of the goods usage – prior to the product usage, ask for explanations from the seller (manufacturer, service provider) or other person who is indicated in the operating documentation and performing their functions;
    3. to use the product in accordance with its purposive appointment thereof and observe the conditions (requirements, standards, rules) which are established by the manufacturer (executor) of goods in the operating documentation;
    4. with the aim to prevent negative for consumer consequences of the usage of  goods, secure facilities that are determined by the goods manufacturer shall be applied in compliance of special rules which are envisaged by the operating documentation and if such rules are not stated – adhere to normal safety measures which are established for such kind of goods.