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Law of Ukraine «On Consumer Rights Protection» dated May 12, 1991 No 1023-XII, Article 6. Consumer right to a proper quality of products

  1. The seller (manufacturer, service provider) is obliged to deliver to the consumer products of a proper quality and provide the customer with information on such products.
  2. The seller (manufacturer, service provider) shall provide at the consumer’s demand documents which confirm a proper quality of products.
  3. The product requirements concerning life-saving, health and property safety of the consumer as well as an environmental security are established by regulations, including technical regulations.
  4. It is prohibited to release for a free distribution an adulterated (fake) product.
  5. The manufacturer (service provider) is obligated to ensure the usage of products in accordance with the designated purpose within a service life which is envisaged by the regulatory document or established by the manufacturer (service provider) as agreed with the consumer or in the event that such a period is not specified therefore the mentioned service life is deemed to continue within ten years.

The manufacturer (service provider) is obligated to provide the product maintenance and warranty repair as well as the relevant output and supply of spare parts to the required extent and range to the enterprises that provide maintenance and repair services within the entire period of manufacture of products. Upon production end the mentioned obligation shall be performed within a service life or in the event that such a period is not specified thereof the relevant obligation shall be fulfilled within ten years.

The list of technically sophisticated household goods which come under warranty repair (maintenance) or warranty replacement is established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

  1. The enjoinment of consumer interests while specifying requirements to a proper quality of product shall be guaranteed by the right of consumers and their associations to participate in the regulatory documents development in accordance with the legislation.