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Civil Code of Ukraine, approved by the Law of Ukraine dated January 16, 2003 No 435-IV, Article 700. Providing the consumer with information about goods

  1. The seller is obliged to provide the buyer with necessary and verifiable information about goods which are offered for sale.  The information shall comply with the requirements of the law and the rules of retail trade which shall contain the essence and the way of implementation of retail trade.
  2. The buyer prior to the conclusion of the purchase contract has the right to request to provide in his/her presence an inspection of the goods attributes or to request the demonstration of the usage of goods, if it may be fulfilled regarding the nature of the goods and the rules of retail trade.
  3. If the buyer does not have opportunities to receive immediately full and reliable information about goods at the point of purchase, he/she has the right to demand indemnification for loss (if any), caused by the unjustified deviation to conclude the contract, and if the contract is signed, the buyer has the right to withdraw from a contract, return costs that have been paid for the goods and receive indemnification as well as redress for the non-pecuniary damage.
  4. The seller who has failed to provide the buyer with the possibility to receive exact and verifiable information about goods shall bear responsibility for the defects of goods arisen after the goods transfer to the buyer, if the buyer proves that such defects have arisen due to unavailability of such information.