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Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine dated December 15, 2004 No 637, Items 3.1. and 3.3.

3.1. Cash transactions are documented by the cash orders, costs records, payment documents, documents on operations with the application of electronic means of payment, other cash documents, which may confirm the fact of sale (return) of goods, provision of services, receipt of cash (or repayment) under applicable laws of Ukraine.


3.3. The cash acceptance to the till shall be performed under the cash receipt voucher (Appendix 2) which shall be signed by the accounting manager or other authorized representative of the entity.

The cash acceptance under the cash receipt voucher shall be confirmed by the cash receipt voucher, payer`s copy (which is a detachable section of the cash receipt voucher) sealed by this entity and signed by the accountant manager or employee who is authorized by the chief executive officer.

The cashiers (persons who exercise their duties) while dealing with cash shall be guided by the rules for the determination of banknotes and coins of the National Bank of Ukraine.