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Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On Approval of the Rules of Trading Activities and Trading Services in the Market of Consumer goods” dated June 15, 2006 No 833, Parts 22 and 23

  1. The payments for the sold goods  and provided services may be performed in cash and/or non-cash form (with the application of payment cards, payment vouchers, jettons and etc.) in accordance with the law. The payment document of a set form for the full amount of the operation, which certifies the purchase of goods and/or services, shall be issued to the customer along with the goods.


  1. The cashier and other employee with whom the consumer settles accounts while performing calculation shall clearly name the sum of money that shall be paid, the amount of money received from the customer and put money separately in a prominent place, formalize the payment document for the full amount of purchase, specify the amount of change and give it out along with the payment documents.