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Civil Code of Ukraine, approved by the Law of Ukraine dated January 16, 2003 No 435-IV, Article 678. Legal consequences of transfer of non-conforming goods

  1. The buyer who has received nob-conforming goods regardless of the possibility to use such goods as intended has the right to demand from the seller the following:

- proportional price reduction;

- a free defect correction of the goods within a reasonable time;

- compensation of expenditures for the correction of the goods defects.

  1. In case of a significant violation of the requirements concerning goods quality (revealing of defects that may not be corrected, the correction of which is connected with disproportional expenses or time expenditure, have occurred repeatedly or appeared again after the correction) the buyer has the right at his discretion to perform the following:

- to terminate the agreement and demand the repayment of money which has been paid for the goods;

- to demand the replacement of goods.

  1. The requirements concerning goods replacement, free defects correction and compensation of expenditures may be applied to the seller or the manufacturer if the seller of non-conforming goods is not the manufacturer of such goods.
  2. Provisions of this Article shall be applicable, unless otherwise is established by this Code or the other law.