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Civil Code of Ukraine, approved by the Law of Ukraine dated January 16, 2003 No 435-IV, Article 708. Consumer rights when buying non-conforming goods

  1. If during the warranty period or other terms established by the rules or agreement that are binding on the parties, the buyer reveals deficiencies whereof have been not notified by the seller or the fact of product counterfeiting, the buyer has the right at his/her discretion to perform the following rights:
    1. to demand from the seller or the manufacturer a free defect correction of the goods or compensation of expenditures for the correction of the goods defects by the consumer or third person;
    2. to demand from the seller or the manufacturer replacement of the product with exactly the same or similar one of a proper quality or for the same goods of another model with corresponding recalculation in case of price difference;
    3. to demand from the seller or the manufacturer proportional reduction of the price;
    4. to terminate the agreement and demand to return money which has been paid for the goods.
  2. The buyer who purchases non-food products which have already been in use and sold through retail commission entities, whereat he has been informed by the seller, has the right to raise demand stipulated by the first part of this Article, if the purchased goods contain significant defects that the buyer has been not warned of by the seller.