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Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine «On the Implementation of Certain Provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On the Consumers Rights Protection", dated March 19, 1994 No 172


of goods of a proper quality which may not be exchanged (returned)

  1. Food products, medicine substances and products, sanitary hygiene products.
  2. Non-food products:
    • photographic tape, photographic plates, photographic paper
    • shapewear
    • cosmetics and perfumes
    • feather and fuzz merchandises
    • plush children`s toys
    • rubber inflatable children`s toys
    • tooth brushes
    • mouthpieces
    • shaving devices,
    • shaving cream,
    • comb, hair pick and flesh brush
    • mufflers (for musical instruments)
    • chinrests
    • gloves
    • textiles
    • net fabric, curtain and lacy sheets
    • tapestries metreage merchandise
    • underclothing,
    • bed cloths,
    • legwear merchandise,
    • aerosol packaged goods,
    • printed materials,
    • linear and layer metal products, tubular goods, sawn wood, wood trim (skirtboard, flashing), tile materials (wood fiber and flake boards, veneer woods) and glass, rifled and cut to size determined by the buyer (customer),
    • audio-,  video cassette, recording disks for laser sensing systems,
    • natural and artificial hairworks (wigs),
    • goods for infants (baby linen, poonts, feeding bottles etc.),
    • manicure and pedicure instruments (scissors, files etc.),
    • fine jewelry, organogenous precious gems and semi-precious gems jewelry.