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The Law of Ukraine “On Border Control” dated November 05, 2009 No 1710-VI, Article 8, Part 1

Article 8. Conditions of crossing the border by foreigners and stateless persons when entering Ukraine.

  1. The authorized officials of the State Border Guard Authorities of Ukraine grant a permission to cross the state border to a foreigner, stateless person in the event of entry into Ukraine under the following conditions:
    1. the availability of the valid passport document;
    2. the absence of a decision of the authorized state authority of Ukraine on the prohibition of entry into Ukraine;
    3. the availability of the entry visa, unless otherwise is provided by the legislation of Ukraine;
    4. the affirmation of the reason of the planned stay;
    5. the availability of a sufficient financial support for the planned period of stay and for returning to the country of origin or transit to a third country or capacity to obtain sufficient financial support in a legal way in Ukraine - for a citizen of the state, which is included to the list of countries approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and stateless person, who permanently resides in the state, which is included to such a list.