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“The Landing Card (Immigration Card) Clause”, approved by the Order of the Administration of the State Border Service of Ukraine dated December 15, 2011 No 987, Part III, Items 3.1. – 3.5.

III. The order of filling in the landing card (immigration card)

3.1. The landing card (immigration card) is filled in personally by the foreigner or stateless person or as an exception by a person, who accompanies the foreigner or stateless person, separately for each person, who is written-in the passport document and crosses the state border of Ukraine along with the owner of the document:

  • at the checkpoint on the state border when entering Ukraine;
  • in a vehicle of international transportation.

3.2. The officials of the state border guard units, who provide the foreigner or stateless person with the landing cards (immigration cards), if necessary, provide explanations on the procedure of filling in the card.

3.3. The landing card (immigration card) shall be separately filled out in block letters in Latin or Cyrillic in each file of corresponding item of the card, identically in both of its parts. The card shall be filled in with ink or ballpoint pen in black, blue or purple.

3.4. The items "Date of birth", "number of passport", "visa number", the "year of birth of children", "number of the vehicle (flight/voyage)" shall be filled out in Arabic numerals.

3.5. After filling in the Items 1-11 "Arrival" and the Items 1-5 "Departure", the foreigner or stateless person shall place the personal signature correspondingly in Items 12 and 6.