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Voucher for tourist services

The voucher is a form of a written contract for tourist or excursion services.

The form of voucher registration shall contain the following information:

  • a name and location of the travel agency with which the contract is concluded, the license number of the travel agency for the implementation of tourism activities;
  • contact information of such a travel agency;
  • responsibility of the parties (travel agency and foreigner) under the voucher contract;
  • a surname, name and patronymic of a foreigner (in the case of registration of the voucher by a group of foreigners-tourists they shall include data about the head of the group, the size of group with the list of tourists sealed by the travel agency with which the voucher is concluded);
  • terms and types of tourist services, their total cost, title, address and phone number of the accommodation facility, its type and category, food regime (in case of provision of accommodation services).

The voucher may also contain additional information agreed by the parties.

The form and procedure of  filling out the Voucher are determined by the Order of the State Tourist Administration of Ukraine “On approval of the procedure of issuing a voucher for the provision of tourist services and its use” dated June, 06 2005 No 50.