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The Order of the State Tourism Administration of Ukraine “On approval of the procedure of filling out the voucher for tourist services and its use” dated July 06, 2005 No 50

1.1. The voucher is a form of a written contract of travel or excursion services, which may be applied in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Tourism”. 
1.2. The voucher is a document, which is the ground and guaranty for receiving the purchased (paid) service or complex of services by a tourist from a tourist (travel) agency. If the tourist has ordered the tourist services from different tourist (travel) agencies, the tourist obtains vouchers in proportion to the number of tourist (travel) agencies, which provide a tourist service or complex of services.  
The voucher is issued by the tourist (travel) agency, which performs a tourist service or complex of services.
1.3. When the tourist (travel) agency concludes agreements (contracts) that provide the application of vouchers as the form of an agreement of provision of tourist services, the samples of vouchers are the supplements to the above mentioned agreements (contracts).
2. The procedure of completion and usage of a voucher form. 
2.1. The voucher form shall be filled out:
- for the provision of services on the territory of Ukraine (domestic tourism) in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On the Basics of the State Language Policy”; 
- for the provision of services outside Ukraine (outbound tourism) in the language provided by the foreign economic contract.
2.2. Forms of the voucher shall be filled out legibly by hand, by using a printing machine or computer equipment. The responsibility for quality and legibility of filling out the form of the voucher shall be beared by the tourist (travel) agency which fills out the voucher. 
2.3. The data provided by the Article 23 of the Law of Ukraine "On Tourism" and this Procedure shall be indicated, when filling out the voucher form. In the absence of any data that are mandatory for the voucher, the voucher may be invalidated in accordance with the procedure established by applicable law.
2.4. The voucher is filled out by the tourist (travel) agency, which provides a tourist service or complex of services, in tree copies. Information that is included to the voucher shall be identical in all copies. The first and second copies of the voucher are issued before the commencement of travel by the authorized person of the tourist (travel) agency to the tourist who travels individually or to the head of a group of tourists in case of a group trip.
The third copy of the voucher is kept by the travel agent, who issued it. In the case of filling in an electronic variant of the voucher, it is transmitted to the tourist by means of electronic communication, and its electronic copy is kept by the tourist (travel) agency.
2.5. The tourist (travel) agency shall provide at the tourist's request a written confirmation of the conclusion of the agreement of tourist services under the terms indicated in the electronic version of the voucher, if the tourist (travel) agency, which provides services, has filled in an electronic version of the voucher.
2.6. At the request of a tourist who travels as a member of a tourist group, the voucher may be issued to him individually, unless otherwise is indicated by the nature of the journey. 
2.7. One of the two copies of the voucher is presented by the tourist, who travels individually, or the head of a tourist group (in case of a group trip) to the representative of the tourist (travel) agency that provides services. 
2.8. All copies of the voucher are certified by the signature of the head of the tourist (travel) agency or its representative that is duly authorized by the mentioned head and stamped by the tour operator/travel agent. 
2.9. The voucher with corrections, unfilled or incompletely filled in items, unsigned by the head or representative, unsealed or with an indistinct seal, may be declared invalid in accordance with the procedure established by law. 
2.10. The tourist (travel) agency, that performs a tourist service or set of services, is liable for correctness of the voucher.


of the form of the voucher

1. The voucher form is of a size of the 1/3d part of the А4 piece of paper.
2. The voucher shall contain the following data:
- title of the document - "Ваучер/Voucher";
- name and location of the tourist (travel) agency, which performs  services, number of a license for the relevant type of activity;
- name, location and telephone number of the tourist (travel) agency , which provides services;
- amount of financial security of civil liability of a tour operator (tour agent) or limits of the tourist (travel) agency responsibility;
- the tourist’s first and last name (in case of a group trip – the first and last name of the head of a tourist group, the size of the group along with the list of tourists, which shall be sealed by the tourist (travel) agency, that issues the voucher);
- types of tourist services and terms of their provision, a total cost of the mentioned services;
- name, address and telephone number of an object of accommodation, its type and category, catering (in case of providing accommodation services);
- additional data, which are required for the servicing of tourists and arise from the nature of the agreement, group members etc., may be included to the voucher;
- voucher issuance date;
- locus sigilli.
3. A logo of the tourist (travel) agency may be placed on the front of the voucher form.