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«Directive on the movement of cash and bank metals across the customs border of Ukraine», approved by The Act of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine dated May 27, 2008 No 148, Chapter 4. Moving of bank metals, Item 2

4. Moving of bank metals

2. The individual may export from Ukraine bank metals exceeding 500 g in the form of bars and coins under the individual license for exportation from Ukraine of bank metals and under the condition of filing a written declaration to the customs authority.
The license is given by the National Bank of Ukraine.
To obtain a license an individual shall submit the following documents:
- an application for a license in a free form;
- copies of passport pages (or of a document that substitutes a passport), which contain          forename, patronym, surname (if there is any), date of birth, the series and passport number (or of a document that substitutes a passport), domicile;
- copies of documents,  that confirm the purchase of bank metals at the authorized banks.