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Recommendations for consumer rights protection

Recommendations for consumer rights protection

You may prevent violation of your customer rights while buying goods/services, if you follow these recommendations. Moreover these recommendations may help you to make customer right protection easier or to resolve the situation in the best possible way.

The recommendations include examples of potential hazards that a consumer may face from the goods selection on out to disposition of goods during the warranty period.

In addition we attach the list of the central state authorities on consumer protection and their contact information.

Threat 1. The Prohibited Methods of Inducement of the Client (Customer).

The fact that nowadays exists a huge number of various trade and services organizations is not a secret.

In the reality of fierce competition such organizations apply a lot of techniques (which often manipulate the human mind or simply do not correspond to reality) in order to entrap the buyer. The above mentioned organizations "forget" that applying of such methods is prohibited or strictly governed by the legislation.

However, this may be combated if you know your rights and resist the temptation to make an incredibly advantageous purchase. For this purpose it is enough to be aware of the prohibited methods of inducement of the customer.

Threat 2. Disinformation about Goods/Service when Choosing and Purchasing such Goods and Services.

In most cases, the buyer do not know his/her basic rights when coming into the store or ordering a service. Whereas the seller may spread misinformation or even hide information from the buyer with intent to sale something.

Obtaining of false or ambiguous information may lead to incorrect registration of the purchase and as a consequence - to the purchase of goods or services of poor quality, without any right for a buyer for a refund.

Therefore, when purchasing product or service, you shall figure out the kind of information about a product you are entitled to receive from the seller on your demand.

Threat 3. Incorrect Documentary Registration of Purchase of Goods/Service.

The purchase procedure is an agreement (contract), which provokes legal consequences. Therefore, a correct purchase procedure may affect your future relationships with the seller, if you are unsatisfied with the results of the deal.

At this point, it is crucial to exercise your rights properly and not to allow the seller to break the law.

Otherwise, in the event of incorrect registration of purchase of the goods of improper quality, you may not return goods or get a proper warranty service.

Therefore, you shall know the procedure of documentation of goods/services purchase.

Threat 4. The Violation of Rules of Returning the Goods of Proper Quality.

There is a perception that you have no rights in your relationships with the seller in the event of purchase of goods of proper quality.

However the customer has the right to replace this product to another or return money under certain conditions and within 14 days from the date of purchase of goods.

The need to exchange or return arises if you have bought unsuitable goods, which seemed to be relevant at market, but at home they appeared to be out of tune with the interior color or unsuitable for some other reason (for example size and etc.).

Therefore, you shall know the return policy of appropriate quality goods before you start the disposition of goods.

Threat 5. Purchase of Low Quality Goods/Service.

The purchase of goods or services of low quality is the most common problem for the consumer.

In the majority of cases customer, who bought low quality or non-confirming goods/service wants to return the goods or exchange the purchase for goods of proper quality. The customer usually faces the entrepreneur’s refusal, which is often accompanied by boorish and dishonest attitude to the consumer.

The reputable organizations may not always provide you with adherence of your rights when you want to return or exchange the goods, because they sometimes disregard repair time or replacement time of goods.

Before starting a "war" for the good quality, we suggest you to look through the consumer rights when buying low quality goods/service.