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The rules of returning goods of a proper quality

The rules of returning goods of a proper quality

In accordance with the provisions of the Article 707 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and the Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Rights Protection", if you buy a proper quality nonfood product and you are not satisfied with it for any reason, you may exchange it. For example, you may exchange such a product if its form, dimension, style, color, size or any other aspects dissatisfy you and due to these reasons the product may not be applied as intended.

You may exchange only a proper quality product, which was not used and which is in a ready-for-sale condition, with a label, sealing mark and package. In this case, you may not be refused in returning of goods.

The return window compiles 14 days, which does not include purchase day (unless the seller determines longer exchange period).

In order to exchange proper quality goods, which dissatisfy you, you shall maintain the payment document, which confirms purchase of goods (the check or the similar document). You shall also have a passport to present it to the seller.

You may buy any product at the same price, if you want to exchange goods, but the similar goods are not available. Moreover, you may terminate an agreement and call in your money. Herewith, it worth attention that the refund of a price of goods to the buyer shall be carried out in an amount, which is equal to the price on the purchase date (refund shall be paid a day when you terminate an agreement, but if the seller may not provide such a refund within the stated period, you may agree upon another date of repayment but no longer than within seven days).

You may exchange your goods after the first delivery of such goods, if you decide to exchange goods but similar goods are not available. The seller is obligated to inform you about the delivery of goods a day of such a delivery.

However, it shall be noted that a list of proper quality goods, which may not be exchanged, is established by the legislation (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 19, 1994 No 172).