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Credit, mortgage and leasing relations

LAW FIRM "FOX" provides legal services (advocation) in the field of
Credit, mortgage and leasing relations

The loan agreement, mortgage agreement and lease agreement are the most common types of agreements that provide for loan services and payments by instalments.

Аt the same time, it should be noticed that the mentioned range of services is based on the fact that the financial market is unstable.

For this reason, banks, leasing companies and other financial institutions are constantly in financial risk, except, perhaps, the banks, which are backed by the resources and financial guarantees of the state.

To maintain the stability in the market, financial institutions have to perform within contractual obligations continual manoeuvring in the relations with the clients.

As for the clients, they have to be able to return loan normaly, without critical consequences for them.

However, usually neither financial institutions nor their clients seek to settle a case taking into account market situation and relevant circumstances.

As a consequence, there is a dispute over loan repayment, which often turns into a litigation, which disposal depends on experience and knowledge of lawyers.

Whereas, we have the right to state that our company possesses an extensive experience and has successful practices in judicial protection concerning credit, mortgage and leasing disputes. We know how to protect the rights and interests of our clients at court.

At the same time, we still advise to settle all the aspects of the credit, mortgage and leasing relations while drafting relevant contracts, taking into account possible risks and changes of circumstances.

Lawyers and attorneys of our company will help you to carry out an audit or preparation of the documents for your loan, mortgage and leasing relationships at any stage of their development.

As such, our specialists will help you to understand and resolve any issue at all stages of credit, mortgage or lease relations, from the entry into an agreement to the final settlement.

If the current legislation is violated, our lawyers will provide preparation of drafts of letters, statements, complaints, claims or other documents to be filed to the regulatory state authorities and courts and ensure control over their execution.

We have the greatest experience in Ukraine concerning loan, mortgage and leasing disputes and we provide a wide range of services in this area.

Lawyers of our law firm are about to give all their strength, experience and knowledge to protect your rights and interests.

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