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Authorization system

LAW FIRM "FOX" provides legal services (advocation) in the field of
Authorization system

License (Latin “litentia” - right, resolution) is a document (act), which grants the right to carry out certain activities that require special skills and equipment.

Licensing of the enterprise’s activity, in its essence, is a state supervision over the activities that may cause harm to people or environment.

Certification (Latin “sertifico” - certify) is an acknowledgement of qualitative characteristics of your product to State quality standards, by issuing the relevant certificate of quality or suitability.

Certification of products in Ukraine is an obligatory condition for the realization of such products within the territory of Ukraine.

The obtaining of a license and certification of products is rather time-consuming process due to the specificity of the process.

In this case, it is important to understand that obtaining a license is impossible without joint actions of the lawyer and the client. It is so due to the fact that only the client knows all the features of his/her business, its advantages and disadvantages that affect the acquisition of license.

Whereas, the lawyers and attorneys of our company possess extensive and positive experience in licensing and certification of services and products, as well as in obtaining other similar permissions for our clients, who run diverse and multilevel business. Business of our clients is performed in such areas as computer and Internet technology, credit and mortgage relations, communications and telecommunications, production of food, household and industrial products, car industry, medical care and pharmacy services, real estate, foreign economic activity, trade, mining and processing of hazardous wastes, chemical and energy industries, transport and finance, and the mentioned business is also connected with politics and sports.

Lawyers of our law firms are about to give all their strength, experience and knowledge to ensure a successful licensing and certification of your business.

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