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Protection from creditors

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Protection from creditors

A defense against a creditor as a purposeful action has appeared along with a process of a debt repayment.

Thousands of years of debt slavery are the proof of that.

Over time, legal ways of a debt repayment softened significantly, but the principles and procedures remained virtually unchanged.

The tasks of creditors have not changed over the years: to enslave (nowadays, economically), to take away all property and not let anyone escape from the status of eternal debt. Not many creditors are still considering the option of a peaceful debt recovery and the possibility of further cooperation.

The second option is the most civilized.

There always exist areas of common interest and the possibility of a peaceful settlement of the conflict. It only occurs if the creditor acts decently with you, and you do not plan to deceive him, but you just do not have the financial ability to satisfy his demands.

The creditor is always interested in returning the debt and earning money with you (the accent should be on the phrase "to earn with you" and not on you).

The courage to admit the situation, the ability to prove the prospects of your relationships to the creditor and professional help of lawyers, who may find these areas of common interest, acceptable for you and the creditor, are required to solve the problem in a peacefull way.

Unfortunately, there is a sort of creditors, who are not interested in the opportunity of further relations. They are interested in gaining maximum profit at your expense (if possible, in a dishonest or semi-legal way), appropriating of the greater part of your property and earn money on you (on your debt) till the last breath. Such creditors seek to create virtually impossible civilized debt recovery and settlement of the dispute.

In olden days such unlawful actions of creditors led to revolutions and change of power in the state.

Historically such actions refered to the bandits and nowadays this baton is picked by banks and other financial institutions of all kinds.

Upon that the actions of the mentioned banks and financial institutions are not only similar to the bandits’, but also greatly exceed them by the number of deceptions, frauds and the use of corrupt public systems (including judicial).

In this case numerous legal and financial tricks of such organizations come into effect. These tricks may include the usage of confusing terms in contracts, “pocket” arbitration courts and small print, which is so beloved by financial institutions.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the law was originally written for ordinary people, it is difficult for an ordinary person to sort out the situation.

Therefore, it is important not to make rash decisions, and not to sign new obligations. In the end, they will lead to your total financial enslavement, no matter how lifesaving they may seem to be.

It is necessary to stop, take a breathe and realize that the creditor is not able to take away from you all property in a day.

Debt recovery procedure is very complicated and timeconsuming, and includes many hulking state mechanisms. You always have the possibility to stop the process for a time, for ever, or at least to weaken it and reduce the amount of debt, despite the fact how close the creditor gets to you.

The processes of examining the documents, under which the debt arose, the analysis of their compliance with the legislation and relevant jurisprudence are very importante. It is necessary to pay special attention to the preparation of defence actions that affect the subsequent effective development of the situation and its resolution, with due account of relevant jurisprudence.

The study of the question of legality of debt (in whole or in part) holds a great meaning.

You should remember, that there are no perfect contracts - but there are always lawyers and attorneys who may "hack" any element of the contract.

At the first stage, your task is to reveal the imperfections of contracts and use the state’s “disease” to prevent illegal creditor's claims.

It does not make sense to enumerate all state’s “diseases”. We will only mention some of them, namely the hulking, corrupt and imperfect (and not very competent) court system, indigent and not very competent executive service, as well as imperfect laws.

Sufficient social protection of citizens, which is provided by the legislation, is deemed to be an advantage comparing with other countries.

For today, you always have the opportunity if not to get rid of debt bondage, but at least to reduce its pressure and loss.

The majority of creditors are just waiting for your probable mistakes or illegal steps in order to drive you to the yoke of a financial slavery. For this very reason, do not try to use illegal methods of getting rid of debts.

Besides, your loss may significantly surpass the loss under a legal option if you choose the illicit way of solving the debt problem.

We may confidently declare that our lawyers and attorneys have the widest experience in Ukraine in terms of solving credit and debt disputes, as well as in the dispute settlement with financial institutions.

Lawyers of our law firms are about to give all their strength, experience and knowledge to protect your rights and interests.

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