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Business portfolio of Law Firm “FOX”

During the operation period of the Law Firm “FOX” it has accumulated a portfolio of professionally conducted cases in the following branches of law:

  • providing support of the commercial activity of business entities and private individuals;
  • documents drafting and audit;
  • providing support of foreign trade transactions;
  • providing support of credit and mortgage deals, protection of a debtor or creditor, applying of mortgage stipulations;
  • registration of business activities;
  • settlement of corporate and labour disputes;
  • protection of rights in criminal cases, including those, which arose from road accidents;
  • insurance events;
  • settlement of family disputes;
  • participation in judicial settlement of any kind of disputes (including disputes, which arise from an illegal actions of state and local authorities);
  • obtaining of licences and authorizations;
  • trademarks registration;
  • providing support and technological implementation of IT-products;
  • tax planning, monetary and customs regulation of enterprises activity.

Experts of the Firm were repeatedly involved in the legislative activity. They are also active in writing books, articles and methodological aids in the legal sphere.

Among the projects and cases, which have been supported by our firm and its co-workers, we may proudly note the following ones:

  • participation in legal assistance of external economic activity during the construction of the hotel “Donbas Palace”, that is the first hotel in Ukraine with the accreditation by international commissions on the level of 5 stars;
  • provision top management of the airport “Donetsk” with legal services during the construction of a new airstrip of international class for Euro-2012;
  • participation in preparation of assets sale of “TAS Commersbank” (filial brunch in Donetsk oblast) to SWED bank;
  • legal support of the sale of an oil refinery (Turkey);
  • legal support of the first-rate grain exporters of Ukraine;
  • legal support of the IT- startups;
  • legal support of the substantial international transport-expediting companies of Ukraine;
  • participation in litigations, whereby illegal acts of the Ministry of Justice have been reversed;
  • multiple charitable projects for the assistance of Ukrainian zoos.

As for today, our clients are both private companies and public organizations, which carry out activities connected with IT technologies, automobile industry, construction, medical organizations and goods, real estate, foreign economic activity, mining operations, recycling of hazardous waste, politics and sports.

By virtue of requirements of a present legal practice, the Law Firm “FOX” develops its activity by applying the intellectual know-hows as well as high quality knowledge of Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, and engages specialists in German and Chinese languages. As the result we gained significant experience and all necessary skills for providing support of services in the foregoing languages.

Our Firm is about to give all the experience and knowledge to protect your interests to the greatest possible extend.

There are no stereotypes and dogmata for us, there are only perseverance, dedication to the client, professionalism and confidence in victory!