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The Law of Ukraine “On Border Control” dated November 05, 2009 No 1710-VI, Article 12. Passport stamp

Article 12. Passport stamp.

1. The passport stamp shall be placed in:

1) the passport documents of the foreigners and stateless persons;

2) the landing cards (immigration cards) of foreigners and stateless persons,  if pages for notes concerning crossing state borders are not provided in the passport documents;

3) other documents in cases provided by the law.

2. The procedure of the passport stamps placing and their form shall be determined by the authorized central executive authority in the affairs of the state border protection.
3. The passport stamp is not placed in the following documents:

1) passport documents of citizens of Ukraine, except for a personal request to place the passport stamp;

2) passport documents of Heads of States and senior officials of foreign states, whose arrival have been officially announced in advance through diplomatic channels;

3) passport documents of seamen, who are on the territory of Ukraine as  crew members during the stay of the ship at a port;

4) passport documents of crew members and passengers of cruise ships, in respect of whom the border control shall be carried out in accordance with the procedure provided by the Article 19 of this Law;

5) the pilot's license or identity document (certificate) of aircraft crew members;

6) other documents in cases provided by law.

4. The passport stamp shall not be placed in a passport document if the foreigner, stateless person applies with the request not to affix such stamps in the passport document. In such a case the passport stamp shall be placed in a landing card (immigration card).