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Long-stay visa

Long-stay visa (shall be designated by the letter D, in the machine readable zone - VD).

The long-stay visa shall be issued to foreigners for entry to Ukraine with the purpose of processing documents that give the right to stay or live in Ukraine for the period exceeding 90 days.

Outside Ukraine the long-stay visa shall be issued by a diplomatic mission or consular office of Ukraine as a multiple entry visa for 90 days.

The basis for issuing the long-stay visa is one of the following documents:

  1. a certified copy of the permit for the employment of a foreigner. Foreigners, whose employment in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine is carried out without permission for the employment of foreigners, provide only a labor contract instead of such a permission, and individuals having status of the foreign Ukrainian provide the labor contract and the certificate of the foreign Ukrainian;
  2. a copy of the decision to grant permission to a foreigner for immigration, issued by the territorial agency or subdivision of the State Migration Service of Ukraine;
  3. a document confirming the membership in a family of a person recognized as a refugee in Ukraine or a person in need of additional protection or who is granted with temporary protection in Ukraine;
  4. an invitation to study (internship) issued by the higher educational institution of Ukraine; such an invitation shall be registered in accordance with the procedure established by the Ministry of Education and Science;
  5. an invitation from a government agency, enterprise or organization that is a recipient of an international technical assistance project;
  6. an invitation from a religious organization, which is coordinated with the state agency that registered a statute (regulation) of the relevant religious organization, for a long-term stay with the purpose of preaching religious beliefs, performing religious rites or other canonical activities;
  7. an invitation from a branch, department, representative office or other structural unit of a public (non-governmental) organization of a foreign country registered in accordance with the established procedure;
  8. an invitation from branches, departments, representative offices of a foreign economic entity registered in accordance with the established procedure;
  9. an invitation of a branch or representative office from a foreign bank registered in accordance with the established procedure in Ukraine;
  10. an application of a foreign mass media for a visa for a foreign correspondent or representative of a foreign mass media who travels to Ukraine for a short stay in order to fulfill his/her official duties;
  11. applications from authorities of foreign countries or international organizations for visas processing for agents and servants of diplomatic missions and consular offices, international organizations and their missions (and for members of their families) who enter Ukraine for a long-term stay with the purpose of performing their official duties;
  12. an invitation from the relevant state body that is responsible for the implementation of cultural, educational, scientific, sports, volunteer programs for participation in which a foreigner enters Ukraine, or an invitation from an organization that involves volunteers in the performing of its activities, data on which is published on the official web-site of the Ministry of Social Policy along with the copy of the certificate of official registration of such organization or institution;

In addition, the basis for issuing the long-stay visa is the foreigner’s family relationship with a foreign person holding a residence permit in Ukraine or his/her marriage with the Ukrainian citizen.

In this case, the following documents shall be provided:

  • a document confirming his/her belonging to the family of a foreigner who has a residence permit in Ukraine (the document shall be translated into Ukrainian (if it is impossible to translate it into Ukrainian this document shall be translated into English), notarized and legalized with an apostille).
  • a document confirming that the foreigner has a sufficient financial security for the maintenance of family members in Ukraine.