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Negotiation (mediation)

LAW FIRM "FOX" provides legal services (advocation) in the field of
Negotiation (mediation)

Negotiations (mediation) is the best way to succeed when there are disagreements, disputes, conflicts or other similar situations.

The major advantage of the negotiations (mediation) is the ability to achieve the desired result or to resolve the conflict on the conditions that are the most favourable for all parties, without significant additional costs.

Although, sometimes, you may get the impression that the parties in the negotiations have different goals and interests – it is a misleading impression.

In most cases, in any dispute or conflict, the parties always try to achieve the same.

However, it is difficult for the parties of the negotiations to reach consensus due to emotions and certain dogmatism in the perception of information. Also, the complexity is created by a lack of special knowledge and experience of negotiators, who do not properly convey their information and improperly assess the information offered by the other party.

Calmness, speed of thinking, analytical mind, strong logic, the ability to notice and remember minor details of performances and acting skills of a lawyer (attorney) are crucial for negotiations.

That is why, in most cases, specially trained lawyers, who have no personal emotions in negotiations and who are able to disengage from dogmatic perception of the negotiations goals, are hired to protect the rights and interests during the negotiation.

One might even say that it is a great art, comparable with the theatre.

Lawyers of our company possess this skill to the fullest extent that may be confirmed by their successful participation in the negotiations in different directions and in different business areas, namely:

  • supply of food and industrial raw materials;
  • purchase of oil refinery;
  • supply of equipment and spare parts for industrial plants;
  • investments in the construction;
  • the negotiations when concluding, changing the conditions or termination of contracts;
  • credit and mortgage disputes;
  • family disputes;
  • intellectual property rights conflicts;
  • pretrial dispute resolution;
  • corporate disputes;
  • labor disputes.

At the same time, our attorneys and lawyers are able to negotiate in English and German languages, and accompany your cooperation with foreign partners.

Lawyers of our companies are about to give all their strength, knowledge and experience to protect your rights and interests and will provide you with the most effective conduction of the negotiations.

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