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LAW FIRM "FOX" provides legal services (advocation) in the field of
Individuals vip-service

VIP-service is not only about the status. It may be also deemed as the highest level of efficiency in protecting your rights and interests.

The mentioned status confirms the long-term prospect of a client, as well as the desire to achieve the highest levels of stability and maximum heights in life and in the development of the business.

VIP-service may be characterized by many advantages; some of them are the following:

  • pro bono;
  • no pre-payment for the provision of urgent additional services with the pay as you go;
  • the right to receive the out-of-order provision of services.

Our company prepared three card programs for the individuals VIP-services, which may be chosen depending on the required amount of services and the level of tasks:

Title of the ProgramPrice of the program per year in euro (payment in UAH at the exchange rate at the moment of purchase of the program)Area of application of the programPreferential conditions of the program
Free of charge monthly legal services package (amount of hours
per month)
Discount for basic legal services that are provided over the free monthly packageAdditional types of services without advance payment
Aurora 5000 Client (individual) 10 (ten) 30% None
Luna 8000 Client (individual) and family 20 (twenty) 40% Working trip of the lawyer outside the office for the protection of the rights of the Client
Sol 10000 Client (individual), family and business, which he owns (except for legal entities) 40 (forty) 50% Twenty-four-hour legal consultation over the phone. Working trip of the lawyer outside the office for the protection of the rights of the Client

VIP-service is a step forward that provides safe and civilized future and allows the client to receive the most effective protection of the rights and interests and feel certain of safety of his family and business.

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