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Representation in court

LAW FIRM «FOX» provides legal services (advocation) in the field of
Representation in court

Legal representation in court is a special kind of legal practice.

One might even say that it is a great art, comparable with the theatre. But the role of the audience is carryed out by the judge, who is jaded by performances and does not notice the ordinary actors.

As in the theater, regardless of your rightness, the essence of your case will not be accepted by the court if your lawyer does not manage to bring it up to the judges.

It is not enough to be a literate person and even not enough to be a master in the field of law. It is necessary to be a psychologist and public speaker, who is able to feel law to the very letter and to the last second.

The essentials in the legal representation in court are calmness, speed of thinking, analytical mind, strong logic, the ability to notice and remember small details of performances and acting skills of a lawyer (attorney).

That is why, in most cases, specially trained lawyers who have no personal emotions in the case and who are able to break the dogmatic perception of the judges are hired to protect the rights and interests in court (representation).

The story goes that the lawyers, who became known in a court, have been the founders of law in different countries for thousands of years.

At the same time, you need to understand that the trial starts and is won long before its beginning in the courtroom.

Long before the beginning of the court trial the lawyers and attorneys eleborate a strategy of leading a case, taking into consideration all the complexities of the process and human factors of the judicial system.

Strengths and weaknesses of the case are analyzed and evidence needed to make the client's position in court stronger are gathered. Highly qualified and experienced lawyers and attorneys determine how to handle the trial effectively and make the client's position the most favorable and persuasive in court.

The court is not only a theater but also a battle. A victory in any battle is achieved only from a position of strength. The winner of this battle is not primarily the one who knows his and his opponent’s strengths. The winner is the one, who also knows the weaknesses of all participants of the process and at the same time is able to turn his weaknesses into a strong figure on the "chessboard".

Top-level lawyers and attorneys, who specialize in defending the rights and interests in court, always know how to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

To protect your rights and interests in court, we established a special team of lawyers and attorneys. They have extensive experience in solving unique legal cases, many of which have been published in various legal information-analytical periodicals.

Our lawyers (attorneys) are experienced in litigation and negotiation processes. They also participated in working groups for drafting laws and legal acts. Lawyers (attorneys) of our firm are the authors of scientific articles, methodical manuals and books in the field of commercial, civil, customs and foreign trade law.

The number and variety of directions of cases that have been won by our lawyers and attorneys in the court are huge and these are just some of them:

  • the invalidation of state bodies and local self-government acts;
  • the protection from prosecution of a criminal offense or administrative offense;
  • civil suits in criminal cases;
  • the protection in court in case of violation of civil rights;
  • disputes with banks and financial institutions in the credit and mortgage relationships;
  • debt collection in behalf of banks;
  • the litigation which is related to road-traffic accidents;
  • family disputes and disputes in matters of parenthood;
  • disputes which are related to the conclusion (failure to conclude), the termination or non-fulfillment of contracts;
  • disputes over debt (including disputes that are related to borrowings, loans, bankruptcy, credit, pledge, mortgage etc.);
  • disputes with insurance companies;
  • labor disputes at reductions, layoffs and staff reorganizations;
  • investment in the construction and purchase of apartments under preliminary contract;
  • disputes with the fiscal (including the customs) authorities;
  • the protection of intellectual property rights that relate to trademarks, patents and copyright;
  • the protection of intellectual property rights that relate to commercial secret;
  • consumer protection;
  • and many others.

Lawyers of our companies are about to give all their strength, knowledge and experience to protect your rights and interests.

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