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LAW FIRM "FOX" provides legal services (advocation) in the field of
The audit

In order to understand which type and level of the audit you need, you should understand the document, which is the subject to such an audit.

By its nature, the document is information that has a specific legal meaning.

Type of a document depends on its author and on those for whom information in the document has a legal value.

Based on this principle, documents generally may be divided into documents issued by citizens and by legal entities (civil acts), and documents, issued by the authorities (normative acts and legal acts of individual action).

The diversity of civil acts is very broad and virtually has no restrictions.

The mentioned aspect includes contracts and certificates of pledge, wills, shop checks, accounting bookkeeping documents and others.

The normative acts are documents issued by the authorities (state agencies and local authorities). These documents establish standards of conduct for a period for all people or a group of people within a specific area of application or regardless any territory.

The legal individual acts issued by authorities may include various identity cards, certificates, licenses, government decisions concerning a particular person and similar documents (in post-Soviet countries, such documents are often called as authorization documents).

Based on the above, you realize, that lawyers or attorneys who carry out an audit of the document you are interested in, should be experts at least in one of the abovementioned areas of law.

However, you should understand that it is not enough to have knowledge in only one area of law to conduct a full audit of the document.

Any document, whoever it was issued by, always involves civil relations.

In addition, any document stipulates the consequences of its application, which in turn may be regulated by several different special areas of law.

Moreover, regulatory acts may set both responsibilities for its execution and failure to perform it. In turn, the responsibility may be civil, criminal or administrative.

There are not so many lawyers and attorneys, who have knowledge in most of the aforementioned areas of law and can independently carry out a full audit of the document, and the cost of their services is incredibly high.

However, the high quality audit of a document that is carried out by one person, often takes a lot of time. Consequently the mentioned audit is applied only with the aim to limit access to the information set out in a document and provide such an access only for one person.

Therefore, in most cases, the audit of documents is carried out by several lawyers and attorneys of an experienced and multibusiness law firm.

In turn, we have full authority to state that lawyers and attorneys of our law firms have extensive experience and knowledge in the auditing of all types and forms of documents.

At the same time, experience and knowledge of the majority of our lawyers and attorneys is based on their participation (beginning from 1995) in the successful creation of a large number of civil legal acts and normative acts and individual acts, and in their participation in audits of such documents.

Based on the vast experience and broad knowledge of our experts, we provide legal services (advocation) in conducting the audit of documents for clients who run diverse and multilevel business.

Business of our clients is performed in such areas as computer and Internet technology, credit and mortgage relations, communications and telecommunications, production of food, household and industrial products, car industry, medical care and pharmacy services, real estate, foreign economic activity, trade, mining and processing of hazardous wastes, chemical and energy industries, transport and finance, and the mentioned business is also connected with politics and sports.

By offering us to carry out an audit of your document, you give a new life to the document, and in return receive the fullest analytical information, which allows you to determine its actual legal significance and real legal consequences of its application.

Lawyers of our law firms are about to give all their strength, experience and knowledge for carrying out a full and wide-ranging audit of your document, which will protect your interests to the greatest possible extend.

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