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Executive services (the executive proceedings)

LAW FIRM "FOX" provides legal services (advocation) in the field of
Executive services (the executive proceedings)

Nowadays the voluntary implementation of trial decisions is a very rare phenomenon.

That is why, after dealing with judicial proceedings, you probably will have to appeal to the Executive Services, irrespective of the outcome of the case.

Whereas history of the Executive Services goes back to ancient times, when people gather taxes and collect tribute from the defeated enemies.

Actually, proceedings of the Executive Services have not changed. Although, tortures and murders are not anymore practiced at governmental level, however, the cooperation with the Executive Services is still unpleasant.

Uneducated and heartless people are still hired to make such an unpleasant job. Herewith the status (as a debtor or as a creditor) is of no importance.

In most cases a state enforcement officer interprets legislation without delving into the peculiarities. His limited consciousness does not let him understand the responsibility for the violation of your rights. All his awareness of legislature is based on the fear of “being fired” and comes only from the chief, who is for the most part not a brilliant lawyer.

Herewith, entirely all state enforcement officers are absolutely uninterested in the effect of their actions on your life (neither your life no your death, or health), which leads to immorality and generates the most powerful bureaucracy.

In most cases, the state enforcement officers may in a moment illegitimately strike the case of the enforcement proceedings or arrest all your assets, without thinking of the effect on them and you.

The current legislation of Ukraine allows the executor to carry out the mentioned irresponsible and uncontrolled actions. The mentioned actions in a moment may make the cancellation of the executive’s action incredibly difficult and challenging for you. It may turn your efforts into a long correspondence with the higher authorities and into the long-running trial.

We know how to deal with executive authorities and how to protect the rights of the client in relations with the executive services as promptly and efficiently as it is possible.

Lawyers and attorneys of our firms have great experience in judicial disputes with governmental executors.

Due to a sufficient law practice we have learned all mistakes, strengths and weaknesses of the executors. In all relationships with the executive service, we have won or helped clients to solve their issues with minimal losses.

An enforcement proceeding never brings positive emotions, but we can help you to protect your rights and reveal you from unpleasant moments of communication with the executors.

Lawyers of our law firms are about to give all their strength, experience and knowledge to protect your rights and interests.

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Many officials are similar to a steel feather.
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