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Corporate relations

LAW FIRM «FOX» provides legal services (advocation) in the field of
Corporate relations

While setting up or improving the business, every entrepreneur eventually comes to the issue of regulation of corporate relations.

Ideally, the regulation of corporate relations begins at the business planning stage.

Properly structured corporate relations is the key to successful and safe business. It is also a guarantee of normal relations among business partners.

Both at the projecting stage and at the stage of business improvement, every entrepreneur faces questions, which touch on conditions and parameters of the relationships among business partners, choice of the legal form of the company and the type of taxation, conditions of participants exit, questions on inheritance of shares in the company, formation of the statutory capital of the company and conditions of its use, liquidation of the company, as well as many other issues.

The solution of such problems always requires high qualification, experience and knowledge.

Lawyers of our company possess extensive and diverse experience in providing legal services to private firms and entrepreneurs (concerning setting up a business and in the course of its performance), namely, but not exclusively, in the following spheres:

  • consulting on the choice of the form of the company, type of taxation and method of establishment of an enterprise (including consultation on company registration);
  • drafting of charter, founding treaties, protocols, rent and cooperation agreements and other documents on the subject «legal entity registration in Ukraine» in accordance with your individual requirements;
  • documentation support of relations among the founders, shareholders and other participants of enterprises, when providing service «registration of an enterprise»;
  • registration of legal entities of types, which are commonly accepted in Ukraine (a private company, a limited liability company and similar);
  • registration of a pertnership with the simultaneous drafting of the agreement between its participants on participation in entrepreneurial activity;
  • registration of a limited partnership with simultaneous drafting of the agreement on participation in entrepreneurial activities and participation of the contributions;
  • reorganization, liquidation and re-registration of enterprises (considering mergers, de-mergers, acquisitions, emission, foreign investment, address and other statutory information changes);
  • registration of legal entities and entrepreneurs, organizations, parties and movements;
  • ensuring the protection of your interests in case of corporate changes in enterprises (including state-owned enterprises and joint-stock companies), organizations, parties and movements (corporate disputes);
  • registration of legal entities with the contemporaneosly drafting of contracts of all types (including foreign economic agreements) with employees, vendors, customers, suppliers, transporters, representatives, leasees and lessors, and many others aimed at providing legal support of the legal entities activities;
  • liquidation and reorganization of companies;
  • contracts audit (including foreign economic agreements), as well as participating in the negotiations at the conclusion and termination of contracts.

The great advantage of our company is the experienced lawyers and attorneys. The mentioned specialists were involved in settling clients’ corporate disputes, who run diverse and multilevel business. Business of our clients is performed in such areas as computer and Internet technology, credit and mortgage relations, communications and telecommunications, production of food, household and industrial products, car industry, medical care and pharmacy services, real estate, foreign economic activity, trade, mining and processing of hazardous wastes, chemical and energy industries, transport and finance, and the mentioned business is also connected with politics and sports.

Lawyers of our law firms are about to give all their strength, experience and knowledge for carrying out the qualitative and effective regulation of corporate relations.

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