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Purchase, sale, lease and registration of the real estate (legal support for real estate transactions)

LAW FIRM "FOX" provides legal services (advocation) in the field of
Purchase, sale, lease and registration of the real estate (legal support for real estate transactions)

Legal regulation of the housing and land relations in Ukraine is based on the provitions, which include regulations of the Soviet and postsoviet legislation, that appears to be rather indistinct, general, tangled and contradictory.

Whereas, in Europe and the USA the housing and land relations are mostly governed by the legislation of states or lands (districts).

It seems to be very difficult for an ordinary person to determine a legal status of his/her propertty or the planned property and procedure of the property use.

At the same time, in case of purchase and sales, lease, investment or other real estate transactions, we administer both regulations of the civil and commercial law and regulations of special laws.

Real estate is an expensive and highly liquid object. The loss of the abovementioned property, caused by the unskilled actions, turns into significant damages for any person.

Therefore, we strongly recommend to bring professional lawyers to solve all questions connected with your real estate.

Wheares, we may claim that lawyers and attorneys of our company have great and successful experience in all types of real estate transactions, including the following ones:

  • acquisition and alienation;
  • commercial leasing;
  • lease;
  • concession (franchizing);
  • legal and unauthorized construction;
  • environment;
  • change of the intended purpose of the land;
  • privatization;
  • finance;
  • investment into the real estate;
  • use of the land and environmental resources;
  • legal procedure;
  • property management;
  • and many others.

The legal support for transactions concerning acquisition and alienation of all possible types of real estate, including commercial, retail, office, industrial, multi-family and improving facilities is fundamental in our practice with the real estate.

Therfore, we have wide experience in such areas as Negotiating, Audit of documents and Documents drafting, connected with real estate including the following ones: agreements and intent letters, agreements on purchase and sale, concession of a right to claim, affidavits, agreements of joint use, servitudes and other similar documents.

Lawyers of our law firms are about to give all their strength, experience and knowledge to protect our client’s interests at each stage of opperations connected with real estate.

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