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Criminai and administrative offences

LAW FIRM "FOX" provides legal services (advocation) in the field of
Criminai and administrative offences

For today, the specific of the criminal cases covers virtually all areas of law – from the crimes against the person to the crimes against the state.

At the same time, in most cases, the questions of indemnity are also the subject to trial in criminal proceedings. The mentioned questions are related to subjects of the criminal justice.

In turn, there are not so many lawyers, who possess knowledge in the majority of areas of law that are connected with such processes and who are able to carry out independently a full protection of your rights and interests. Therefore, the execution of protection in criminal or administrative processes by one person seems to be ineffective.

Due to this, in most cases, the performance of protection in criminal or administrative processes is carried out by several experienced lawyers and attorneys of a multibusiness law firm.

In turn, we have full authority to state that lawyers and attorneys of our law firms have extensive experience and knowledge in legal defence of rights and interests.

We succeeded in all criminal and administrative court cases in which we participated.

Concerning matters of protection from unlawful prosecution of an offense, none of our clients has been prosecuted or instituted to administrative actions.

Moreover, we managed to cancel the illegal decisions, which were previously passed by the courts whith the participation in the processes of other lawyers (including sentences to life imprisonment).

As for matters of indemnity and punishment of the perpetrators, our lawyers and attorneys strived the maximum punishment for those found responsible. The desired outcome for our clients, who were the victims of crimes, was also achieved.

Lawyers of our law firms are about to give all their strength, experience and knowledge to protect your rights and interests.

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