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Adoption is one of the happiest moments of family life.

This process should be carried out only by highly qualified lawyers and attorneys in order to let you enjoy it.

You should understand that under the Ukrainian legislation the adoption is the acceptance by an adult person (adoptive person) to the family of another person on the rights of a daughter or son, carried out on the basis of a court decision.

You should take into account that your right for adoption should be proved by the documents, which confirm your physical ability to raise a child.

To validate the mentioned possibility, you need to provide the relevant certificates on the status of your work, housing and health.

Thus, in the case of adoption of a child that has no connections with one of the spouses, you should undergo some inspections of law enforcement agencies.

Later on the adoption procedure, in most cases consists of two parts:

  • obtaining certification of service on affairs of children on the feasibility of adoption;
  • judicial examination.

The adoption process is time-consuming, intricate and complex procedure due to the fact that the fulfilment of the procedures that are indicated above is carried out by public bureaucracy authorities.

For this reason, we strongly recommend you not to deal with this issue on your own and consult qualified and experienced lawyers.

Although the adoption procedure is very complex and time-consuming in every country, we believe that professional lawyers will not allow anyone to spoil this wonderful moment.

No one may guarantee you a 100 percent result, as a great deal in this matter depends on your condition. But we may definitely state that we possess the greatest experience in Ukraine in achieving a positive result in adoption of children.

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