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Medical errors

LAW FIRM "FOX" provides legal services (advocation) in the field of
Medical errors

Human life and health are recognized as the highest social value. People often seek for medical advice to protect or improve their life and health.

Unfortunately, visiting a doctor does not always lead to a positive result, because of dogmatic human actions or doctors’ errors.

Medical errors may be divided into two types: objective and subjective.

Objective mistake is practically not punishable. The doctor may not be held liable for not having access to essential drugs, tools and equipment and sometimes for the lack of experience.

Whereas the doctor has to be punished for a subjective error. The mentioned error is usually resulting in negligence, biased attitude to patients, incorrect interpretation of treatments.

The commission of qualified doctors of different occupations or trial define the nature of a medical error and its consequences.

There is no definition of a medical error in the legislation. Despite this, it is possible to bring the doctor to disciplinary, civil or criminal responsibility.

Everyone should have means of life and health protection.

The list of the above mentioned instruments is diverse, but generally, they are divided into preventive measures and actions to eliminate errors and bring guilty person to responsibility.

Preventive measures, which you may apply to preclude medical errors are the following:

  • to request documentation of the doctor’s competence, to request information about the functioning of the medical institution (license, statutory documents, etc.);
  • to require to file medical history and medical card with the introduction of the performed medical actions and assignments;
  • to begin the treatment in private hospitals with the signing a contract on medical services;
  • to consult the other professionals in the case of uncertainty of a doctor competence;
  • it is important to request information and documents concerning all equipment, which is used in the diagnostic and treatment;
  • to be interested in the designated medicines. You should clarify the specifics of their exhibition, spectrum, side effects; it is also important to specify variants of analogues of the appointed medicines and then carefully chose medicine.

It is also important to keep written proof of the payment for medical services and the information about the process of your treatment.

The health care system has a large number of problems and contradictions, which are incomprehensible for an average person who has no necessary education.

You should contact us if you have any difficulties in relations with the doctor or hospital, you are unsatisfied with the quality of health care and the result of the treatment or if you do not agree with the actions of doctors or medical institution administration. We will investigate your situation and find the best options to solve it.

We are ready to go above and beyond to provide a correct qualification of relations, and clarify all reasons and details and provide legal assistance that you need to protect your rights in case of a medical error.

We will prepare all necessary documents and evidence for a full and fair trial. We will do everything possible to provide the control over on time repayment of compensation and repayments.

Lawyers of our firm are about to give all their strength, knowledge and experience to protect your rights and interests.

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