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Foreign language translation

LAW FIRM "FOX" provides legal services (advocation) in the field of
Foreign language translation

The system of international contacts and relationships involves the circulation of documents in languages of different nations and states.

Thus, the correct legal translation of documents and negotiating in necessary language play a significant role.

Prior to foreign language translation of a document, you have to understand the value of the document, its complexity and, as a result, the need for translation of this document by the common specialist or specialized legal translator.

Carrying out foreign language translation by the specialized legal translator is the work of a high complexity. Such kind of activities require the fundamental knowledge, proper selection and use of all terminology, concepts and their counterparts, the use of specific formulations and clichés, which are usually used in each document.

Experts, who deal with legal translation, shall combine knowledge of the foreign language and of law in order to interpret correctly the original text in a foreign language.

Foreign language translation is often carried out simultaneously by several specialists due to its high level of complexity and responsibility.

Among the documents, which are the subjects to legal translation, the most common are agreements, court decisions (execution of which shall be carried out in another country), charters of enterprises, identity cards, licenses, certificates and other documents.

The ability of the translator to convey your thoughts and smooth out the rough edges of the negotiations and if necessary to clear the air is extremely important for achieving your goal.

Lawyers and attorneys of our firm possess extensive experience and constant practice in the field of legal translation (beginning from 2008).

We repeatedly accompany negotiations with counterparts from Great Britain, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and the USA.

Translators of our company are notably experienced and practicing lawyers and attorneys. They may provide you with highly professional translation of documents and negotiations that in turn will guaranty a competent protection of your interests.

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